Autor/Autores: de Mauleón Medina, Claudia Cecile / Saito, Yolanda
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Mexico passed the General Law on Climate Change on April 19, 2012, establishing a new leading global legal best practice to address climate change. Mexico has become the second country, after the United Kingdom, to set out a regulatory framework that comprehensively addresses climate change through a committed multi – sectoral and multi- stakeholder approach. Importantly, this Law removes the challenge of addressing climate change from the whims of  political parties and electoral cycles, and declares it to be a long – term priority of the Mexican State with innovative new legal tools and institu tions created to meet this challenge.
The  provisions of the General Law in corporate recommendations of the two national studies completed by IDLO in 2011, the world’s first Legal Preparedness for Climate Change Assessment Report and a Country  Study on Legal Preparedness for REDD+ in Mexico.


Autores: de Mauleón Medina, Claudia Cecile / Saito, Yolanda